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Since the first ISO 9001 standard was issued in 1987 it has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout the world. It is now recognized as one of the best way of operating a business in today's economy . That is the reason that governments and customers are requiring that their suppliers be certified to the ISO standard. Because of its recognized advantages there are also many organizations that are using the principles of ISO without going through the certification process.

One of the beauties of ISO 9001 is that it applies to any type of business. Whether an organization is a manufacturing or a service company, ISO can help them improve their organization. With ISO it is not the standard that runs the organization. The application of the standard is based on each individual organization's business. As long as the organization is meeting the "intent of the standard" they continue operating their business in the way that works best for them.

Regardless of whether your business is looking for certification, presently certified, or just looking to improve your bottom line using the principles of ISO, The Improved Bottom Line can help you as your business moves into the future. And not only can we help you improve your business processes we can help you save money by consulting with you using webcams and eliminating the normal consulting travel expense.

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